Mattress Assembly

Mattress Boxes:
The Sunshine 8" Mattress will be packed in 3-4 boxes.

The Sunshine 11" Mattress will be packed in 4-5 boxes.

The Junior Sunshine in Twin size and the Baby Sunshine will be packed in 1 box and will not require assembly.

The Junior Sunshine Double size will be packed in 2-3 boxes and will require assembly.
Foundation Boxes:

All Queen and King foundations are split into two for easier handling. The 4" Foundation will ship in 1 box, and the 7" Foundation will ship in 2 boxes.

The foundation with legs will include 6 per side and will also include felt pads for protection against hard surfaces.

This foundation can be used with or without the legs and is to be placed down on the ground or frame first.

Internal Layering:

All boxes will be labelled on the outside, it is recommended to open the box labelled with Mattress Encasement first.

Each piece of rubber has been labelled with Firm, Medium or Soft.

The Firm layer is usually at the bottom, while the Medium and Soft Layers are in the middle or at the top. 

Anytime you are trying to achieve a Firmer feel on one side, it is recommended to take the Firm from the bottom and move it so that it is closer to the body

Step 1

Locate the cutter to unwrap plastic packaging.

Carefully cut the bag by following the dotted lines.
Do this step slowly to ensure that the cutter does not get caught in the organic cotton fabric.

The mattress will slowly expand.
Make sure no pets or kids are around when opening your mattress.

Step 2

Lay the cover over a foundation or solid-slatted base, so that the open end is at the head of the bed.
When using a slatted base, just make sure the corners are fully stretched out ready for the rubber layers to be placed inside.

This 2" top layer is not split and is always best on top of all the split layers.

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